Meal for a Deal Dining Card

Meal for a Deal™ Dining Card

Springfield 2014


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Meal for a Deal™ Dining Card

Life Half Priced is soon launching the Meal for a Deal™ Dining Card in Springfield, MO. Save money trying new area restaurants, and feed a meal to a child in need for every deal you enjoy.

Meal for a Deal™ dining cards will feature offers from sixteen area restaurants. Each deal is: buy one entree, get one free (up to a $15 value) with the purchase of two drinks. These vouchers are in the form of a punch card, and each deal represented is one-time use per card.

Since there are sixteen deals on each card, Life Half Priced will donate sixteen meals to a child on your behalf.

Eat well, and give a child a meal.


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Participating Restaurants

(As of Apr. 1, 2014)

Café Cusco

Jin’s Korean Grill

Gem of India

Newk’s Eatery

Honey Heaven & the Bee-stro Café

Sisters in Thyme

D’Arpino’s Italian Cafe

Billy Sim’s BBQ (Campbell Ave)

Iguana Roja

3rd Street Pasta & Grill (Ozark)

Rocco’s Pizza & Subs (Nixa)

Mamma Mary’s Navajo Tacos


That Lebanese Place

Join Us to Promote Your Business

Life Half Priced is enlisting restaurants to include on the Meal for Deal™ Dining Card. Don’t miss this great opportunity to spread awareness about your local business, form new customer relationships, and make an impact in the lives of hungry children throughout the world.

If your business is interested in partnering with Life Half Priced for our Meal for a Deal™ dining card campaign, please contact: